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modeled after cutting-edge engineering schools, inspired by Project Lead the Way and endorsed by business partners and post-secondary institutions.

This course is designed for students interested in pursuing careers within the vast STEM fields, with an emphasis on STEM careers within engineering and manufacturing.  Students will interact with professional engineers and manufacturers, learn lean manufacturing processes, explore all careers in engineering and manufacturing, and work alongside professionals on real-world, hands-on projects to create value for customers.

At its core, this course will focus on the engineering, design, and manufacturing processes, but students will have the flexibility to locate and connect with professionals working in any of the STEM fields they're most interested in.  These could range from architectural engineering such as bridges, building, and dams, to civil engineering, medical technologies, etc. This course is housed within EFCO corporation headquarters.

Dual Credit is available through Crowder College, AMT 102, Introduction to Industrial Electricity. This course is part of Crowder's Advanced Manufacturing program.

Want to learn more? Read our STEM Strand Flyer


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